Compliments to the Chef

Since Jeremy Roush, Chief of Culinary Services-Corporate Executive Chef, joined The Overlook, he has gained tremendous support from The Overlook Community in building a farm-to-table Culinary Program featuring natural, sustainable ingredients from local farms and producers.

Chef Roush takes a wider perspective on food. Yes, he provides gourmet dining, but he’s passionate about how the quality of ingredients and the connection to where they come from can nurture the mind, body and spirit of a community.

From the Residents who introduced Chef Roush to local apple farmers to the Residents who run the brewery; the personal relationships built at The Overlook have nurtured him as well. The shared enthusiasm of Chef and Community flavors every dish.

Dine in or Dine Out –
There’s always a choice at The Overlook

two slices of cheesecake with fresh blueberries, raspberries and mint leaves on top
Tucker’s Cafe

Visit Tucker’s Cafe for a bistro-style casual meal. This open-kitchen venue offers a tasty selection of hot or cold sandwiches, salads, soups and desserts. Dine in with us or take your meal home. Tucker’s Cafe is open Monday through Friday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Saturday’s for breakfast and lunch and Sunday’s for dinner.

Acacia Restaurant

Enjoy a more formal, elegant setting in our Acacia restaurant room. Our in-season menu offers fresh ingredients featuring local fruits and vegetables. Acacia is open Monday through Friday for lunch. Monday through Saturday for dinner, and Sunday’s for brunch.

Food for Thought

Join our “Food for Thought” Resident group that regularly meets with our Executive Chef! With your feedback and the expertise of our Culinary Team, we’re constantly adapting and evolving our menus to ensure you enjoy dishes that will nourish and delight you.

This is just one of the countless clubs and groups at The Overlook that makes a real difference in feeling the sense of Community.

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