Independent Living Visitation effective March 15, 2021

  • Please call Concierge at 508-434-2317 to schedule your visit. You must give a phone number for contract tracing. 
  • All visitors must strictly comply with the following ( “Visitor Guidelines”):
    • Visitors must screen in at the Shed upon entering Campus and enter, sign in at Price Lobby, then proceed directly to Resident apartment, cottage, or outside for visitation. All visitors will receive a visitor badge, and MUST return it before leaving Campus.
    • Visitors shall arrive during Concierge hours (M-F 8A-7:30P, S-S 9A-5P)
    • Visitors should wear masks in the building at all times during travel to and from apartments or cottages until further notice.
    • Maximum 2 visitors at a time in/per Resident apartment or cottage.
    • Please avoid lingering in indoor common areas with visitors until further notice.
    • No visitors in Acacia, Life Enrichment events or other indoor common areas until further notice.
    • In addition to indoors, visitations can also take place outside as desired. Outdoor options include any outdoor area surrounding the IL building including:  The Circle Green, Walkways, Benches, Rose Garden Courtyard, and other outdoor areas where you can safely.  More than 2 visitors may visit outdoors, but only 2 may enter apartment or cottage until further notice. 
    • Visitors who are NOT FULLY vaccinated are required to wear masks and socially distance while visiting in apartments and cottages. CDC guidance and other requirements must be adhered to during visits.  This guidance will be the Residents’ responsibility to adhere to safe practices, including mask wearing and social distancing for un-vaccinated visitors.   
    •                                                                             HEALTH CENTER VISITATION BEGINNING 3/1/21

      To schedule a visit, please call 774.836.3401, listen to the instructions, and leave your information.  We will call you back within two business days to schedule your visit.

      Visitation plan:    We strive to have one visit per week per Resident.  Each visit will last 45 minutes.  Up to 3 visitors at a time.

      Visitation times:  

                  Monday-Thursday at 10am, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm

                  Tuesday Evening at 6:30pm

                  Saturday mornings at 10am and 11am


      COVID screening, entrance and parking:

                  Please drive up the Delivery Entrance and turn left.  Park in front of the Chapel area.  Please plan to arrive up to 15 minutes prior to your scheduled visitation time.  If you try to enter before that, we will ask that you return to your car.

      Enter the building through the main entrance where you will be greeted by the Concierge who will ask the COVID 19 screening questions and take your temperature.  Once your whole party has arrives, you will be directed to the visitation area.

      Upon arrival to the visitation area, each member of your party will be asked to sign in and confirm understanding of the rules of visitation.  Each person will also need to provide the best contact number to reach them in the event contact tracing is necessary.


      Exiting after visitation:

                  Visits will end after 45 minutes.  Each family unit will be directed to the elevator to return to the lobby and exit the building.  Please do not continue to socialize in the lobby area. 




























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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