Before you arrive for your visit:

Checkpoint Screening Shed & Screening Process

All individuals entering Overlook’s Charlton Campus will be required to pass through Overlook’s Checkpoint Screening Shed and cleared for COVID-19. Masks must be worn when approaching and passing through in order to comply with COVID-19 screening standards imposed by MA Department of Public Health/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Visitors will complete a COVID-19 exposure & health screen questionnaire and body temperature. Once cleared for entry, Visitors will receive a disposable colored wristband and directed to the appropriate entrance door.


Mask Protocol

Visitors must wear a surgical mask that covers nose, mouth and chin during indoor visitation at all times, regardless of vaccination status.


Hand hygiene and social distancing requirements remain in effect.



Overlook Health & Rehabilitation Center Visitation Guidelines


At this time, MA Department of Public Health prohibits the mandating of vaccines for Visitors to long term care facilities.


The Overlook follows the guidance of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and MA Department of Public Health, and have implemented our indoor visitation policy and procedures following state and federal requirements. Our Team is committed to ensuring families can continue to connect with their loved one safely. This is our priority and responsibility.


Visitation will not be allowed if a Visitor is positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed to COVID-19 within 14 days of visit.


Unvaccinated Residents/Patients/Family Members/Visitors:

We must limit the number of Visitors per Resident to 3 (three) at one time and limit the total number of Visitors in the Health Center at a time. This is based on the physical space available for the designated visitation area.


We need to limit the duration of visits for unvaccinated Visitors to 45 minutes to help ensure all Residents can receive visitors. Cleaning and disinfecting of the visitation area will occur by our Team Members in between visits. This is another factor affecting the amount of time and number of Visitors we can have in our Health Center.


Unvaccinated visits must be supervised by Overlook Team Members and take place in designated common areas, rather than the Resident’s room.


Visitation times:  

            Monday through Thursday at 10am, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm

            Tuesday Evening at 6:30pm

            Saturday mornings at 10am and 11am


Any unvaccinated visit is required to schedule an appointment for Resident visitation.


To schedule a visit, please call 774-836-3401, where you will be prompted to leave your information. Return phone calls will follow within two business days to schedule your visit.


Note: Due to staffing shortages, regrettably at this time we are unable to offer outside visitation, as outside visitation must be fully supervised by Overlook Team Members.


Unvaccinated children are allowed in Overlook’s supervised visitation area(s) only.


Vaccinated Residents/Patients/Family Members/Visitors

In-room visitation for a Resident who is fully vaccinated is permitted, only if the Resident and Resident’s Visitor(s) is fully vaccinated.


Visitors must travel directly to the Resident’s room.


Visitors may not leave the Health Center Resident’s room, socialize in common areas, wander the hallways, approach the medication cart, etc.



Please note that indoor visitation may be affected by a COVID-19 outbreak or state level requirements to allow for safe testing of Overlook Residents and Overlook Team Members/contracted staff. The Overlook will notify families and update COVID-19 Update page of website in the event of temporary visitation restrictions.


The Health Center’s 2nd floor Courtyard and 3rd floor Balcony of Skilled Nursing are currently off limits for visitation and may only be accessed by Overlook Residents and Overlook Team Members at this time.


All visitation is currently halted on 2nd and 3rd floor Skilled Nursing:

  • Effective August 25, 2021, visitation has reopened on the 3rd floor of the Skilled Nursing.
  • All visitation is currently halted on 2nd of Skilled Nursing and will reopen Saturday, August 28, 2021.

Overlook Communities Independent Living Visitation Guidance


Contact information of Visitor(s) must be provided to Resident for notification to the Checkpoint Shed and for contract tracing purposes.

  • Once cleared at Checkpoint Shed, Visitor(s) should proceed directly to Resident’s Apartment, Cottage or outside area for visitation.


Please avoid lingering in indoor common areas with Visitors.

  • Visitation can take place on the grounds. Grounds include any area surrounding the Independent Living building: The Circle Green, Rose Garden Courtyard, walkways, benches and other outdoor areas where you can safely social distance.
  • Following the guidance in place by CDC, DPH and The Overlook will be the Residents’ responsibility to adhere to safe practices, including mask wearing and social distancing for unvaccinated Visitors while in their Apartment or Cottage. The Overlook is responsible for the safety of the Community and will enforce the guidance of mask wearing and social distancing in all common areas.













































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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