• senior woman hanging artwork on her apartment wall

    Five Tips for Decorating a Small Space After Downsizing

    Some might consider downsizing stressful, but it can also be liberating! When you make the decision to move to a senior living apartment, you’re embracing a life of freedom and choice by releasing yourself from the responsibility of home maintenance to enjoy all of the social benefits of a senior living community, which includes great …

  • grandmother and granddaughter holding hands

    Time for Enhanced Living? 4 Signs To Look for During the Holidays

    There are many types of senior living options, and assisted living, sometimes called enhanced living, is one of the most common. As your parents or loved ones age, you’ll likely have to help them decide where to live based on their changing needs. Assisted living communities are designed for seniors who need help with daily …

  • chef drizzling homemade balsamic dressing onto a plated salad

    Transforming Senior Living Dining at The Overlook

    Food has the power to elevate one’s quality of life. A simple plate of food can offer nostalgia, comfort, or a new experience. A table surrounded by friends offers camaraderie and laughter. A connection to the land and farmers who cultivated your food offers an added sense of community and responsibility. At The Overlook, you …

  • 5 Signs Your Aging Parent Needs Help

    Mom and Dad are not likely to come right out and say they need some extra help. So it can be difficult for family caregivers to know when to broach the topic of senior living or home health care options.  “Adult children often have a limited view of the ins and outs of their parents’ …

  • senior woman doing research on a laptop computer

    How To Choose the Right Senior Living Community in 6 Steps

    Older adults today have many wonderful senior living options. Modern senior living providers understand the importance of personalized care and a well-rounded lifestyle, with services and amenities beyond basic aging-related care. It can be overwhelming to find the best senior living options for yourself or a loved one. And since there are many options to …

  • Senior man and female carer enjoying coffee at home

    Choose The Overlook Visiting Nurse Association

    According to a 2018 AARP survey, a majority of Americans over age 50 want to stay in their own homes as they get older. “Many aging adults prefer to receive home health care as it allows them to age in place while still receiving the care they need,” says Danyel Darger, director of sales and …

  • 10 Ways Worcester County Seniors Can Enjoy the Spring

    Whether it’s arts and culture or fun in the sun, Worcester County has seasonal activities for everyone. Why Activity Is So Important As people age, isolation becomes a risk. Without physical, intellectual and social engagement, boredom can lead to health problems like depression. So get out there, pursue your interests, or try something new. Include …

  • Couple discussing finances at The Overlook

    Choosing a Continuing Care Retirement Community

    Would you know what to look for if you were considering the move to a senior living community? Among all your senior living options, there’s a type of community perfect for long-term planners. It combines lifestyle, amenities that make life more fulfilling and convenient, and access to higher-level health services. These are known as CCRCs, …

  • A ‘Shot of Hope’ – The Overlook in Charlton Charges Toward Beating COVID-19 With Robust Vaccine Rollout

    Here at The Overlook in Charlton, one of Massachusetts’ top-rated Continuing Care Retirement Communities, we’re giving it our best shot—the vaccine shot, that is—when it comes to beating COVID-19.

  • What’s Happening Lately at The Overlook? Find out on Our Facebook Page!

    Up on our hilltop in Charlton, Massachusetts, members of this community enjoy sharing a place that is filled with opportunities to learn, teach, grow and contribute. From the myriad social activities and amenities to your go-getter future neighbors, you can feel The Overlook buzzing with energy upon setting foot on our campus.

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