Our Approach

Care Management is not a “one size fits all” model. Your story is unique and we want to take the time to learn about you in order to provide the most individualized support, resources, and recommendations possible. Our strategy is simple: find appropriate solutions to the challenge(s) you face by using a holistic approach.

Our experienced Care Managers are Clinical Social Workers and Nurses who are members of the Aging Life Care Association ( ALCA). They are specialists in providing care to older adults and individuals with special needs. We work as a collaborative team so our clients can get the benefit of everyone’s expertise. We look forward to working with you.

Why Choose Overlook CARE?

  • We have an interdisciplinary team, so we match you with the appropriate care manager based on need, personality, and skill set
  • Our Care Managers are supported by a comprehensive Care Management training and review program created and supervised by our Director
  • We work as a collaborative team so that you can get the benefit of everyone’s expertise
  • We have both clinical social work and nurse Care Managers
  • We offer a medication assistance program that can either supplement Care
    Management services or be purchased independently of other services
  • We offer Care Management assistants – a lower cost option when you don’t need the skill level of a clinician
  • We have expertise in managing high conflict families, complicated diagnoses, and chronic mental health issues
  • We are your partner – we will give you options and help you identify what decision(s) might be best for you

Contact The Overlook to learn more.

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