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  • senior man with dementia accepting a gift

    21 Thoughtful and Helpful Gifts for Older Adults With Dementia

    When your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, you’re likely thinking about care, day-to-day routines, and how to provide your loved one with the best quality of life. What you may not be thinking about is gifts for the holidays, birthdays, and “just because.” As you’re searching for the right gifts …

  • What is the Difference Between Palliative Care and Hospice?

    Both palliative care and hospice focus on managing pain and improving quality of life, but they have some distinct differences that set them apart. While someone can receive palliative care while undergoing treatment for an illness, hospice care is for those who cannot get a curative treatment or when they decide to no longer receive …

  • overlook senior living indoor pool fitness center

    Staying Physically Fit as You Age with Sports

    Staying physically fit as you age gives you the health benefits of feeling energized, maintaining strength and mobility, and reducing the risk of injury, like preventing falls. There are so many sporting activities that will help you stay active – and some may speak to what you like to do more than others. When looking …

  • seniors on a walk outside with a dog

    Understanding Entrance Fees for Retirement Communities

    Retirement communities provide seniors with a safe, maintenance-free environment where they can enjoy an active lifestyle. As you’re looking for the right retirement community, you’ll need to know the costs of the community. One type of retirement community you might be interested in is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), also known as a Life …

  • seniors playing corn hole outside

    Your Guide to Health Services at The Overlook

    The Overlook is a Continuing Care Retirement Community that offers a LifeCare contract to residents so they have peace of mind from the minute they move in. With a LifeCare contract, residents can expect access to the full range of health care services offered at The Overlook when they need it.  When you move into …

  • senior woman on an art show walk through

    Stay Active at The Overlook With Senior Living Amenities

    Keeping active is essential to healthy aging, and if you’re touring senior living communities, it’s important to look for activities, amenities and social opportunities that make it easy. At The Overlook, a Continuing Care Retirement Community, we provide numerous opportunities to have fun by staying fit, socializing, and nourishing yourself with delicious dining options.  Read …

  • senior couple reading books on aging well together at home

    The Top Five Books on Healthy Aging

    Aging gracefully is something that most of us strive for. A big part of enjoying and accepting the aging process is doing it in a healthy, beneficial manner.  There are lots of tips and tricks out there by experts (and non-experts) about what it takes to age well. What sources can you trust? What basic …

  • Shot of an attractive young nurse bonding with her senior patient outside

    Rehab and Home Health: Overlook Visiting Nurse Association

    Whether you or a loved one needs prescribed rehabilitation or aid in their own home,  Overlook Visiting Nurse Association (OVNA) is here to help. Overlook Visiting Nurse Association services extend into hundreds of Massachusetts towns and serve more than 800 patients a day.  You can request Overlook Visiting Nurse Association as your preferred provider for …

  • senior woman hanging artwork on her apartment wall

    Five Tips for Decorating a Small Space After Downsizing

    Some might consider downsizing stressful, but it can also be liberating! When you make the decision to move to a senior living apartment, you’re embracing a life of freedom and choice by releasing yourself from the responsibility of home maintenance to enjoy all of the social benefits of a senior living community, which includes great …

  • Grandmother helping her granddaughter make dough by adding olive oil

    4 Fun Indoor Winter Activities for Seniors

    The following four tips will help older adults maintain an active and motivated lifestyle in the winter at a senior living community like The Overlook. Older adults should stay as active as possible to avoid falling prey to the consequences of prolonged inactivity. Besides increasing the risk of heart disease, lack of exercise can result …

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