Curated Culinary Program

As with most things, the residents are very passionate about their culinary experience. And they have been extremely supportive and pleased with our farm-to-table dining program featuring natural, sustainable ingredients from local farms and producers.

The Overlook takes a wider perspective on food. Yes, we provide gourmet dining. But we’re also passionate about how the quality of the ingredients and the connection to where they come from can nurture the mind, body and spirit of a community.

From the local apple farmers to the in-house brewers, the personal relationships and the community’s enthusiasm flavors every dish.

Events and Experiences

If you want to brew craft beer, grow flowers, host regional festivals and events, play tennis all summer long, learn to sing, paint and woodwork for the first time in your life—go for it. This is your place and time to do everything you’ve always wanted to do.

And if you have an idea for a new group, event or amenity, we have the space for you to run with it.

Healthy Living From a New Point of View

Making time for friends and family. Making a difference. Learning something new. Challenging yourself. Refreshing yourself with a good book, a good meal, a good walk. Living with purpose. You’ve always known what’s important in a healthy life. And you’ll find it all here at The Overlook.

Find Inspiration in the Outdoors

Our refreshing location amid the forests and lakes of Central Massachusetts will renew your appreciation of the seasons and the simple things in life. Located in Worcester County, known as Johnny Appleseed country, The Overlook is just eight miles from Sturbridge, a destination for excellent restaurants, antiques, crafts and museums. We’re far enough away from it all to focus, yet near everything and everyone you love.

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