Adult Day Program

The Overlook Vista Adult Day Program, known fondly by Residents as “The Vista Club,” is for senior adults living with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. Unlike the majority of adult day programs, The Vista Club is based on a social model. As a social model, The Vista Club does not provide medical care but rather, focuses on the socialization and engagement that is essential to enriching the lives of its Members. It gives a safe, structured environment where your loved one can engage in purposeful activities that incorporates each Member’s skills, knowledge, abilities, strengths and talents into the daily programming.

Members are able to enrich their own health and wellbeing by actively participating in planned activities fostering connections with other Members and The Vista Care Team. The Care Team become trusted companions who create positive interactions that lift moods and increase personal worth, belonging and confidence. Think of us as an extension of your family.

Each day is filled with a variety of activities focused on stimulating senses, fostering friendships and invoking feelings of purpose. Engaging activities can include exercise (walking, dancing, chair yoga and bowling), conversation, arts and crafts, games, educational and wellness programs, music and reminiscing. Members receive a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks, build friendships and have fun throughout the day.

Moreover, The Vista Club offers the benefit of respite for the caregiver, allowing time for self-care, appointments, hobbies and relaxation, with the assurance of knowing his or her loved one is in a safe and loving environment.

Six reasons you and your loved one can benefit from an Adult Day Program:

  1. Social interaction preserves cognitive function.
  2. Meeting people comes with psychological benefits.
  3. Engagement has physical health benefits.
  4. Socializing improves the overall quality of life.
  5. Social stimulation promotes independence.
  6. Self-care is vital for caregiver success and resiliency.

The program is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am-4:00pm with 2 to 5 day enrollment options.

  • Walking Club
  • Yoga
  • Reminiscing
  • Art
  • Bowling
  • Cards
  • Reading
  • Cooking

If you are interested in becoming a Vista Club Member or want more information on why The Vista Club is a Great Way to Spend Your Day, give us a call at 1-508-202-4090 or contact us online.

The Vista Club is now accepting applications; space is limited.

Contact The Overlook to learn more.

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