The winter can bring plenty of holiday joy—but also some of the chilly annoyances of home ownership. Having to deal with the frustrations of winter home maintenance as well as the occasional loneliness that comes with the cold season can bring the winter blues to anyone.

Fortunately, there is a solution for any senior in the New England area looking to remain involved with his or her community without having to deal with any seasonal stresses. At The Overlook, you’ll find more time to do what matters to you and endless opportunities to remain as active as you have been—or even more so—no matter what’s happening outside.

Don’t worry about winter maintenance

You have better things to do than deal with the back-breaking labor of shoveling snow or the risk of injuring yourself on the thick ice. You’d rather be swimming laps, perfecting your home brew (beer or coffee), finishing that script you’ve been eager to complete or simply spending time with your grandkids.

That’s why our on-site maintenance team is well-equipped to clear snow in our parking lots, sidewalks and other common areas of The Overlook to help you navigate the campus—or be able to venture out to see the charm of Charlton around the holidays— without interruption or concern. In short, you simply won’t need to worry about being “snowed in.”

Don’t worry about winterizing your home, either. Our team will protect your pipes, clean the gutters and ensure the roof is ready to withstand any of the chilly weather and snow that central Massachusetts can throw at it. That way, you have more time to enjoy with friends while sipping on a hot cocoa (or whatever concoction the Brew Crew just released).

On top of it, you’ll never have to worry about the rising cost of heating your home during these cold months. All your utilities are included in our monthly service package, which is a predictable cost no matter what time of year. The monthly service package covers everything from exquisite dining to our many clubs and wide-ranging amenities.

Get involved in fun and snowy activities

It’s easy to feel lonely during the winter, and it’s hard to get outside and participate in many activities you normally do during the year, like heading to a local craft festival or farmers’ market. At The Overlook, you can stay active no matter the weather! With like-minded neighbors, you’ll find the perfect company to enjoy the holidays with, and your friends and family are welcome, too. Don’t worry about entertainment either: Our 280-seat Performing Arts Center hosts plenty of fun concerts, guest speakers, theater groups and more year-round.

If you’d rather ensure your body stays active during this cold weather, you can visit our on-site health and fitness club to keep your body moving and warmed up for whatever’s next. If you’re unsure about the best route to feeling your best physically, don’t worry. We offer personal training to help you attain your personal wellness goals.

Plus, The Overlook keeps you in close reach of some of the most popular winter-weather activities! Just a few miles north of The Overlook is Wachusett Mountain. At this ski resort, you’ll find both day and night-time skiing options. Whether you’ve skied plenty of times or are just a beginner, Wachusett Mountain has plenty of options for an adventure-seeking senior. With 110 skiable acres, 26 trails and 8 lifts, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. After you’re done hitting the slopes, you can enjoy a beer at O’Brien’s Deck Bar & Grill while staying warm on the deck outside the base of the ski lodge. If this piques your interest, you could consider joining our skiing club, one of the many active, outdoor clubs that promote your personal wellness goals.

Back here in Charlton, the skiing club is just one of the many clubs offered at The Overlook, which allow you to join your like-minded peers in some of your favorite activities, like woodworking, volunteering or creating art of all kinds. From our Brew Crew bringing you homebrewed craft beers to our choir with our upcoming winter concert, we truly have something for everyone.

So, join us at The Overlook to create your picture-perfect holiday and winter season. You’ll find it easy to enjoy the retirement lifestyle you deserve without the worries of home maintenance while experiencing tons of fun at your doorstep. To learn more about every experience and opportunity The Overlook has to offer, contact us at 866-753-5420.

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