For people in their 60s, living in an over 55 community may seem ideal. After all, it means living in a neighborhood where everyone is around your age and enjoys a lot of the same activities as you. You’ll have a home and a yard that require lower maintenance, plus access to amenities like a community fitness center, walking paths, clubs and parties.

What many people don’t realize until after moving in, though, is that over 55 communities in MA leave much to be desired. It’s easy to get sold on shiny new construction or a few bells and whistles, and then miss out on some key features that will become increasingly important as you age. Because, really, who wants to move again?

Here are some important things you may miss out on by choosing one of the over 55 communities in MA.

Reality check

There’s no getting around it: The need for healthcare increases as you age. At age 60, you probably feel pretty good overall. At age 65 or so—closer to the true average age of people living at the over 55 communities in MA and elsewhere—fundamental changes begin to occur, such as:

  • The body’s metabolism slows and dietary needs change.
  • Mobility lessens, leading to an increased risk of falls.
  • Muscles, joints and cartilage show more wear and tear, so exercising safely becomes even more critical.

What’s more, the cost of healthcare is rising, too, which disproportionately affects older people since they generally use healthcare services more frequently. 

Aside from hitting the lottery or finding the fountain of youth, the best way to ensure your future healthcare needs are met is to invest in a plan that can meet them.

The promise of exceptional healthcare

A continuing care retirement community (CCRC) allows you to enjoy all the offerings that the over 55 communities in MA can provide, plus so much more. A CCRC gives you access to a full spectrum of high-quality healthcare services right in your neighborhood.

For example, The Overlook is a modern senior living community in Charlton, about an hour outside of Boston. Aside from a gorgeous, 450-acre campus, spacious independent living apartments and cottages, and a vast array of amenities and activities, it also offers a complete continuum of care, including rehabilitation, skilled nursing, respite care, memory care, home care and an adult day program. Plus, The Overlook’s healthcare has earned the coveted five-star rating in quality measures from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Never having to move again

Moving to one of the over 55 communities in MA may seem like a wise choice at first, but it means that you may need to move again eventually. Choosing a CCRC means never having to move again because no matter what health challenges life throws at you, you’re completely covered. Rather than needing to uproot your life again, living at a CCRC means you can stay in your community among your friends and neighbors. Many people living in communities like The Overlook say they made the decision to live in a CCRC because they didn’t want to be a burden on their loved ones and felt it was important to take responsibility for themselves.

Zero maintenance, endless convenience

Retirement is supposed to be about spending time doing the things you enjoy doing. And let’s face it: “Low maintenance” still means maintenance. At over 55 communities in MA, someone may come and mow the lawn or remove snow for you, but you’re still responsible for regular cleaning and fixing things around the house.

At CCRCs like The Overlook, help is never more than a phone call away, whether you need computer assistance, help with a leaky faucet or a ride to the airport. Regular house cleaning and indoor and outdoor maintenance are services included in the cost. Residents don’t need to worry about paying their utility bills because they’re included. They don’t need to drive to the bank, post office or convenience store because they’re all right on campus. They also have access to a transportation service plus 24/7 security.

On-site dining

Sure, making a special meal or dessert can be enjoyable, but after a lifetime of cooking, it can become more of a chore than anything. At over 55 communities, there may be nearby restaurants, but normally you won’t find them right in your neighborhood like you do at CCRCs.

By contrast, the people who live in communities like The Overlook love having dining options right on-site. Skilled chefs prepare creative dishes in a formal restaurant setting while casual dining and to-go meals are also available every day.

The Overlook is a wise choice for the future, and it allows you the opportunity to learn, teach, grow and contribute among like-minded neighbors and friends. Learn more about what sets it apart from the over 55 communities in MA by calling 866-753-5429 or clicking here.

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