Ted Theodores has been a resident of The Overlook for several years now, and he is one of the most valued members of our community. Ted originally semi-retired in 1998 after working as an executive for a large corporation. From there, Ted bought a large home on the Cape to accommodate space for his six grandchildren. However, now that the grandchildren are in college, Ted knew it was time to make a change.

After owning a large home on the Cape for many years, Ted needed to consider new living options. “I wanted to stop thinking about fixing the roof, shoveling the snow, all the home maintenance stuff,” he explained. That’s why Ted began looking at The Overlook for the next step of his retirement journey. He has now lived at The Overlook since 2016 and happily remarked, “I’m really glad I’m here.”

Ted admitted he felt “alone,” living in a large home by himself. He knew he wanted to move to a senior living community to escape winter chores. He felt the pressure of maintaining a home and his boat on the harbor. “It was wonderful when I used the boat a lot. As the years went by, I used the boat less. It was time to make the move…. So here I am, and I’m happy to be here.”

While Ted looked for senior living communities near the Cape, he said he was not satisfied with the options in the area. “Something like 60 percent of the residents of the Cape are seniors. So, there are a lot of options but there weren’t any I could find that had any features or benefits that The Overlook offers.” Despite leaving the Cape, Ted admits that he still enjoys visiting the area, but that “I’m glad I’m not living there alone.”

Ted knew of The Overlook long before his eventual move. “I had been taking groups here from the Cape… I arranged several visits throughout the years.” Even though he kept his options open for his next step, Ted knew deep down, “some day when the time was right, I’d live here at The Overlook.”

An active part of an active community

When it comes to involvement in the community, Ted is interested in it all. He really enjoys his time at our Health & Wellness Center to boost his physical well-being. “I still work out three days a week at the gym,” Ted said. “In addition, I wear my Fitbit and walk 10,000 steps a day on The Overlook’s scenic walking paths.” That’s about five miles each day!

The many committees and governing bodies at The Overlook are also an important feature to Ted. As a previous corporate executive, Ted realized he wanted to get involved with The Overlook’s resident council. “I had a couple of conversations about it with a couple of members prior to my moving here,” Ted explained. “I knew that when I moved, I’d want to explore it a little bit more and run for the council.” Ted was successful—he was elected to his position and enjoys channeling skills from his professional career.

‘I’m glad I’m here.’

Ted recognized that The Overlook, as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), offers five-star-rated health services through the trusted Health Center, should the need ever arise. For Ted, he has used the Health Center while keeping his independent lifestyle.

Ted calls the CCRC model a “powerful feeling of security.” He explained, “Things happen. Since I’ve been here, I’ve needed some treatment. We got it under control.” He notes that he would have had an entirely different experience if he were living alone on the Cape.

In closing, Ted smiles and summarizes his decision to move to The Overlook as follows: “There’s plenty to do, plenty to stay active with, food’s great, I don’t have to cook, a lot of good features. I’m glad I’m here.”

Ted still enjoys going to the Cape in the summertime. “I’ve even taken day trips down there to visit with old friends, but I’m glad I’m not living there,” Ted said with a smile.

If you’re looking for an active and welcoming senior living community in scenic central Massachusetts, consider touring The Overlook. This community attracts New England’s most accomplished and admirable retirees because of our stunning surroundings, resort-style amenities and quality healthcare services. For more information about The Overlook, call 866-753-5429 or download our free brochure here.

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