New England has long been a popular retirement destination, and for plenty of good reasons. The region offers easy access to historically and culturally abundant large cities, with a great mix of charming small towns to discover (one of which we’ll highlight in a moment). From the ocean to the Berkshires, a variety of lush landscapes and exhilarating recreation options adds to the appeal.

Plus, savvy seniors are forgoing downsized living in high-priced, Boston-area condos and are pursuing inspired retirement lifestyles away from the region’s population centers. Our hilltop setting in Charlton, Massachusetts, is one place in particular where so many have happily called home.

Let’s take a bird’s-eye view of Charlton, and help you get a new perspective on what an ideal New England retirement can be.

Charlton’s endless charm

Nestled in south-central Massachusetts, Charlton is an easy hour (or less) from Boston, Providence and Hartford. If you’ve never taken a brief foray from the Mass Pike down to Charlton, you’ve missed out on a lot!

For example, Charlton’s annual Old Home Day is a 124-year-old tradition that brings the tight-knit community together for a festival of crafts, music, art and family activities. Adding to the everyday charm are ample opportunities to enjoy signature New England activities like apple picking, historic sightseeing and visiting one of the many nearby lakes.

Of course, for anyone seeking a New England retirement, we must also mention The Overlook, which is located just off Main Street. It’s a community that has seamlessly adopted the friendly attitude of its hometown, while providing a panorama of possibilities.

For the day-to-day retirement lifestyle you’re seeking, it’s hard to beat a Massachusetts retirement destination like the hamlet of Charlton. Moreover, especially now, choosing Charlton is a wise move for the future.

Value for today and tomorrow

Value, quite simply, is what you get relative to cost. Recently, many seniors are discovering the value of gracious living away from expensive city centers and suburbs.

As a result, and as people want to escape the everyday hustle of densely populated areas, places like Charlton are becoming havens for seniors seeking more. More value. More connection. More enjoyment.

If you want to get more of it all—and perhaps more than you ever could for your house—now is the time to consider making a move. With low housing inventory and unprecedented home values, you can unlock the highest-ever home equity and simultaneously secure your financial future.

Your peers agree: In a recent survey of well over 100 seniors, nearly 70 percent expressed minimal or no concern about being able to sell their house. Additionally, 64 percent of respondents noted that they have minimal or no concerns about their home’s value. In this seller’s market, seniors are ready to move, and ready to move to places like Charlton!

With the extra money you get from selling your home during this hot market, you should consider a Life Care contract, which will help stabilize your financial future.

With Life Care, your initial entrance fee and monthly fees are higher because you are essentially prepaying long-term care costs in anticipation of future need. The key advantage of a Life Care contract is that the monthly fee you pay in your independent living cottage or apartment stays relatively steady even as your healthcare needs evolve.

Furthermore, investing in a future at The Overlook provides the long-term security and stability you seek. As a not-for-profit Continuing Care Retirement Community, The Overlook is exceptionally well managed, and residents are always put first. If the need ever arises, it also offers five-star-rated healthcare on-site. (Plus, have you seen how our robust COVID-19 vaccine rollout has more than 99 percent of our residents fully vaccinated?)

As you consider your vision for an ideal New England retirement, we encourage you to learn more about The Overlook in Charlton, Massachusetts. Simply click here or call 866-753-5429 to request our brand-new brochure. We think you’ll love what you see.

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