When is it “too early” to move to a retirement community? Is it too early when you’re healthy, active and can enjoy all of the lifestyle perks and amenities that come with living at a CCRC like The Overlook in scenic Charlton, Massachusetts? Of course not!

We think it’s never really too early, especially because we frequently hear members of our community say that they wish they’d moved here even earlier! Plus, moving early prevents significant life or health events from forcing your hand, therefore keeping you in control.

To provide a fresh view of all you gain by moving sooner rather than later, we spoke with a few residents at The Overlook, who helped clarify and reinforce the benefits of an earlier move.

1. Opportunities to learn, grow, contribute and practice your passions

Perhaps more than ever before, this generation wants to live somewhere it’s possible to maintain lifelong passions, learn new things and contribute to a true sense of community. Fortunately, that all happens naturally and effortlessly at The Overlook.

“A major reason we moved when we did was so that we could take advantage of all the activities here while we’re capable of enjoying them,” Bob Munier explained. He and his wife, Joyce (pictured below), have lived here since late 2019; and even since moving in, Bob has been able to maintain his favorite hobby: woodworking.

Joyce and Bob Munier

“I’m a woodworker and a Mason, so I do a lot in the on-site woodshop,” Bob said. “When we moved here, I brought a lot of my own equipment to the woodshop and still use it today.”

In addition to longtime hobbies, members of our community also hone new skills.

“I’ve been involved with the art program since before I even moved here,” Heath B. said, who has lived at The Overlook since 2009 yet began taking part in activities long before she and her husband even got their keys. “I hadn’t really practiced art that much before I moved here, but it was something I was interested in, oil painting specifically. Living here has allowed me to expand on that technique and learn.”

Of course, opportunities to engage at The Overlook go far beyond individual pursuits. There’s an array of committees and clubs on campus offering countless ways to contribute to the special sense of community found on our hilltop.

For example, Bob noted his work on the buildings and grounds committee as well as the beautification committee; the latter of which has grown in popularity recently. Dozens of neighbors on the committee, led by Burt Goodrich and Dana Gould, have contributed to some special projects around campus, such as the restoration of our historic stone barn.

Jill Rogers (pictured below) took part, and it was one of her favorite ways to get involved on campus since moving here in 2019:

Jill Rogers

“Last year I helped do some painting as we restored the old barn. That was fun! This property goes back some years, and the barn has character. With the painting and power washing and decorating we did, now it looks really nice,” she said.

If you’re seeking a lifestyle that enables you to pursue your passions, learn new things and foster a sense of purpose and camaraderie, The Overlook is where you can do it all—and see life like never before.

2. A top-notch location with top-notch residences

The Overlook is known throughout New England for its park-like, 450-acre campus that really sets it apart from the other retirement communities in Massachusetts.

“I think what attracted me was that there is so much open land and space, and it gives you the feeling of a rural setting with all the comforts,” Heath said.

“The Overlook is an A+ vicinity,” Kathleen Blomstrom (pictured below), who joined our community in mid-2020, added. “I have a beautiful view of a garden and the hills from my second-floor home.”

Kathleen Blomstrom

Speaking of homes, the residences available at The Overlook also set us apart. They’re well-designed, customizable and comfortable. Here’s what Jill, Bob, Heath and Kathleen said:

  • “The moving process was wonderful. I got the residence style I wanted [the Aspen] and the team accommodated my requests with customizations and renovations to the appliances, cabinets, flooring and paint. They were very good to me.” – Jill

  • “We have a two-bedroom home with a breakfast nook, and it was renovated before we moved in. We made some adjustments to make it so there is no carpet in our home, and specified custom shower heights and paint colors.” – Bob

  • “I live in a Spruce cottage. The nice thing about the cottages is that they’re all a little different, even the ones with the same square footage. I love having a basement for extra storage.” – Heath

  • “I live in the Revere branch, and I love being very close to everything: the front desk and concierge, mail, the performing arts center.” – Kathleen

Unlike your current house, residences at The Overlook are all maintenance-free. Our robust monthly service package includes regular housekeeping, as well as all upkeep and repairs, inside and out. Plus, there’s no more snow shoveling, lawn mowing or ever-increasing property taxes to endure.

3. Security and stability for today and tomorrow

With five-star rated healthcare right on-site if the need should ever arise, living at The Overlook grants you and your loved ones everlasting peace of mind.

While speaking with this group of residents, the guarantee of a totally secure future was a major motivating factor among all of them.

“I wanted to make my own decision to secure my future, rather than be forced into something later in life,” Jill explained. “My experience with my dad living with Alzheimer’s was an eye-opening challenge for our family, and I wanted to prevent that by making a decision while I was capable of it myself as to not be a burden to my children.”

Kathleen made a proactive decision for reasons just like Jill’s, saying, “I am a widow and did not want to be a burden to my children. This covered all my needs.”

Heath, meanwhile, finds it curious that many older adults simply expect their children to make important future decisions for them, which “may not be the smartest situation,” she said. We completely agree, especially when options like The Overlook exist.

Finally, nobody could have predicted the impact of COVID-19, but members of our community are particularly grateful to live in a place that has kept them safe and healthy amid the new everyday challenges that the pandemic has brought with it.

“I’m a retired nurse and I was anxious and aware of the virus,” Jill said. “But The Overlook has done just a wonderful job of keeping us healthy and safe. They made it easy for us to get vaccinated, too. All I had to do was open my door and roll up my sleeve!”

“The community has adjusted so much during this pandemic that we’re in,” Bob added. “The dining staff has been so wonderful with meeting our needs and the life enrichment team has gone out of its way to make wonderful activities available that wouldn’t normally be able to happen. We’re safe and comfortable.”

If you’re ready for a lifestyle of activity and engagement, a beautiful maintenance-free residence and confidence for the future, you’re ready for The Overlook. Jill, Bob, Heath and Kathleen have all discovered the benefits of moving sooner rather than later, and our community is yours to discover too!

Simply click here or call 866-753-5429 to request our brand-new brochure, “A New Perspective,” today.

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