Right now, it’s easier than ever to make the smart move to The Overlook. So easy, in fact, that moving to our premier retirement community in central Massachusetts is as easy as A, B, C, D. That’s because our Aspen, Birch, Cherry and Dogwood apartment homes are surprisingly—and for a limited time—all available for move-in!

We have these customizable homes ready for you to make your own, but before we get into the details on each, there are a couple of important factors making right now a great time to take this next step in your retirement.

For one, COVID-19 vaccine rollout is happening at communities like The Overlook first, and we’ve already received the vaccine! So, if you’re seeking a return to “normal,” or a place that will keep you safer than your current location, consider us. Individuals and couples like you have been moving to The Overlook recently and noting how smooth and safe of a process it has been, and we are encouraged that things will only get better, safer and more fun as 2021 continues.

Also, the incredibly hot real estate market means that you can leverage the equity in your current house at perhaps its highest value ever. Combined with the fact that our Aspen, Birch, Cherry and Dogwood residences are some of the best overall values available at The Overlook, moving here can significantly benefit your financial legacy.

With those key points to keep in mind, let’s get to exploring this quartet of available homes!

The Aspen: Space for your current lifestyle (643 square feet, 1BR/1BA)

The Aspen floor plan at The Overlook

Let’s start with the Aspen floor plan. This one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment is a perfect choice if you want to simplify your life—without settling. Aside from being customizable just like all of our residences, this one is particularly bright, with large windows in the open-concept living and dining area. This gives you space to entertain indoors year-round, and the ample patio (available on ground-level homes) creates even more room for making memories with family, and neighbors who feel like family.

Owing to its efficient layout, the Aspen residence at The Overlook is also one of the best values available here and in the entire central Massachusetts region. You can secure the peace of mind of a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) that includes robust services and amenities, all while preserving your financial legacy. To read more about this apartment that’s ready for you, click here.

The Birch: Bright and delightful (819 square feet, 1BR/1.5BA)

The Birch floor plan at The Overlook

As you can see from the lifelike layout above, the Birch residence at The Overlook has a unique, contemporary layout. This well-designed apartment will provide the setting for the retirement lifestyle that you’ve been looking forward to!

The way that the design of the Birch uses distinct angles truly maximizes the feeling of openness and brightness within the home. Plus, its central, window-laden sunroom lets a natural glow bathe the space. This is important, because members of our community like Noni Linton have remarked about the spectacular sunsets we have here on our hilltop.

While you’re away from enjoying the Birch’s comfort and convenience (notice the powder room?), you’ll be able to fully enjoy life at The Overlook—and beyond! That’s because you’ll never need to worry about home maintenance or repairs. A key benefit of this is that if you want to take a spontaneous weekend trip to Boston or plan that long-awaited vacation to Bermuda (when it’s safe to do so), go ahead! Your home will be cared for by our professional team.

The Cherry: Flexible and convenient (965 square feet, 1BR/1.5BA + Den)

One of our residents’ favorite parts about the Cherry apartment at The Overlook is its impressive flexibility. You can make the nearly 1,000 square feet totally your own, thanks to its wide-open living area and use-as-you-please den.

In addition to the lifelike 3-D image above, here are some ideas to help you picture how you can make the most of our Cherry residence and its great spaces:

  • Make the den into a craft or hobby space (sewing, collecting, dioramas, etc.)
  • Place your favorite sectional toward the bay window and create a cozy reading nook
  • Put a futon and desk in the den to make an awesome guest/workspace
  • Dedicate the dining area to a classic setup and use the den as a home theater
  • Create a breakfast nook by placing a high-top table near the bay window

Members of our community who’ve chosen the Cherry also love it for its convenience. As our in-depth article on this home says, it’s just a short stroll from The Overlook’s top-notch amenities such as Tucker’s Café, the indoor pool, the fitness center and more.

Isn’t retirement all about convenience and flexibility? That’s what you’ll get—and more—in our Cherry floor plan. We’re sure it won’t be available for too much longer!

The Dogwood: A modern classic (1,054 square feet, 2BR/2BA)

Among your fellow active and independent seniors, one of the most common residence styles chosen at the senior living communities in Massachusetts is the two-bedroom, two-bathroom variety. Fortunately, The Overlook offers many of this style, and the Dogwood residence is one that we currently have available.

The Dogwood floor plan at The Overlook

One of the reasons that we believe that this style of floor plan is so popular is because it’s a classic size and layout. It offers plenty of space for guests, whether for the afternoon or the weekend, with a second bedroom and bathroom at their disposal. Plus, with how you’ll use each room of the Dogwood so frequently, it really won’t feel like you’ve downsized at all.

Bringing the “modern” to this classic layout is how our team makes each residence feel brand-new before every move in. Your home comes with upgraded stainless-steel appliances, new paint, new flooring, custom countertops and more.

To read our full-length feature on the Dogwood residence at The Overlook, click here.

Unlike most multiple-choice scenarios, this one has only correct answers: A (Aspen), B (Birch), C (Cherry) and D (Dogwood). While availability remains, pick any of the above, and you’ll be able to enjoy active retirement at The Overlook at an impressive value.

Get in touch with us today to coordinate your visit to see one of these desirable apartment homes firsthand and the rest of our stunning 450-acre campus. Simply click here or call 508-434-2318. We look forward to meeting you!

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