A native of the Boston suburbs, Noni Linton moved to The Overlook in Charlton just a few weeks after retiring from her career in educational fundraising. Ready for her next adventure, she dove right into the welcoming and energetic culture at this hilltop community. If you ask her, Noni wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why is that so clearly the case? Her life at The Overlook is full of activity and complemented by beautiful scenery and priceless peace of mind!

An involved member of The Overlook community from the start

Noni is a lot like many of the other members of the community at The Overlook in the sense that she found it easy to get involved with on-campus social life very soon after she and her husband, John, made it home. A main reason for this is the wide array of activities, groups and clubs available here. There’s something for everyone, which Noni experienced firsthand.

“Oh heavens, you name it!” she quipped, when asked which activities she enjoys here.

“A week after [John and I] came, we joined the art class, then we joined the choir, then I got involved in the directory and Resident Council,” Noni added. “We also got involved by taking a couple of the garden plots, as we had both enjoyed gardening at our old house.”

The people were another thing that made it easy for Noni to get so involved so soon. She and John noticed the welcoming culture all around from the very first time they set foot on our 450-acre campus.

“We just loved it right from the beginning,” Noni said. “We walked in and really liked the people. Anyone who had anything to do with The Overlook were just really nice people. We jumped in with both feet and decided that this was where we wanted to be.”

And jump right in she did! Amid all the activities and new friends, Noni also discovered that an act as simple as heading to the main dining room can become a social event.

“One of our most favorite times here is going to the dining room, because number one, the food is good; and numbers two, three, four, five and six, you have all your best friends here!” she explained. “It’s a wonderful, fun time.”

Basking in the beauty of central MA

Noni had previously lived just 45 minutes away in Littleton, Massachusetts, before choosing The Overlook. She quickly realized that the breathtaking scenery here in Charlton is something simply not found in the Boston suburbs.

“I love being on the hilltop,” Noni said. “Never anywhere have I lived that has sunsets like this that I can see from my living room. One of the first times John and I went to dinner here, we came back to our apartment home and the sunset had cast an brilliant red glow throughout the entire place—it was spectacular.”

On the flip side, the New England region also experiences its fair share of wintry weather. But for people living at The Overlook, they can simply sit back and appreciate its beauty.

“One of the things that’s really nice is that you can look outside the window and enjoy it for what [the snow] looks like,” Noni shared. “It’ll be shoveled, and you’ll be taken care of. Even in extreme weather, everyone does everything they can to make it as comfortable as it can be.”

Case in point, during an ice storm that blanketed The Overlook a few years ago, Noni wrote a letter to the resident monthly newsletter thanking The Overlook staff for their dedication and service because she was so impressed with the staff’s efforts to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

The Overlook offers permanent peace of mind – and that’s priceless

At The Overlook, it’s not just about easing your concerns when a winter storm rolls in. As a Continuing Care Retirement Community, The Overlook also provides guaranteed access to on-site healthcare, should the need ever arise.

“When we were looking around, we knew that we would not want to have to move again if our needs changed,” Noni said. “And the availability of a LifeCare contract was also a big thing. Here at The Overlook, it’s all under one roof, and that was really important to us.”

Noni experienced the benefits of having top-rated healthcare services on-site, because when John’s needs increased, she could visit him without having to drive or take transportation anywhere.

“That was huge,” Noni shared. “The Overlook made everything easier.”

With her future secured, Noni doesn’t need to worry about it and nor do her children, who are scattered throughout the world, “from Osaka, Japan, to D.C.,” she noted.

So, now you’ll find Noni each evening enjoying the central Massachusetts sunsets, which put a bow on each activity-filled day at this place she calls home.

“One of the things I wondered was if living here would feel like home, and it really does,” Noni said. “Why? Because it’s everything you could want in a home: comfortable, attractive, friendly, warm, safe; and you can be as private or as public as you like. There are so many things to do, and there’s really something for everyone!”

If you would like to see firsthand why Noni and so many others agree that this place really does feel like home, The Overlook is now reopened for tours of our independent living community in Charlton, Massachusetts. Simply click here or call 508-434-2318 today to request your own private, safety-assured appointment.

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