It’s tough to get an authentic feel for a community without living there or taking a personalized tour. And because we understand that in today’s climate you may not be ready to visit us in Charlton just yet, we’ve made this part of your search a little easier. In this piece, we’re going to do our best to share a sneak peek of life at The Overlook, straight from the people who know us best: the members of our community!

A culture of friendship

As we wrote previously, The Overlook is home to some of the most friendly, interesting and enthusiastic people you will meet. In every resident highlight—which we post regularly right here on our blog—residents of The Overlook note the spirit of kindness that is felt throughout our beautiful, 450-acre campus.

In their resident feature, Bill and Doris Brown gave a nod to the special cordiality found here among neighbors, saying, “The people are wonderful here. They have wonderful histories.”

Jeanne Charpentier echoed a similar sentiment in her feature story. When asked what exactly it is that makes the Overlook so special, she noted, “It’s the people. I didn’t think I was missing anything in life until I came here. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t return a smile.”

Bob Fulmer—who’s been a resident here at The Overlook for 5 years—shared, “There are so many wonderful folks here. Everybody that’s here has a story and some type of interesting background. We’ve made all kinds of friends.”

And it’s these very interesting backgrounds, hobbies and passions that have helped shape the invigorating—and perhaps unexpected—lifestyle at The Overlook.

Let your perspective and passions guide you

Residents at The Overlook are empowered to shape the lifestyle within this community to fit them, rather than vice versa. This empowerment has led to the array of unique clubs and activities taking place throughout our campus that’s nestled in the New England countryside.

Of course, who could forget about our famous Brew Crew? Our resident-founded, on-campus beer brewery operation is a hit with many members of our community.

“I’m part of the Brew Crew, which has its own label, ‘Senior Moments Beer,”’ Bob Fulmer explained. “It has turned out to be a wonderful thing. We have something brewing all the time.” He enjoys being a part of this club and spending time with other residents, such as Bob and Tina Burnham. “It’s like a home,” the Burnhams said of the brewery. “It’s noncommercial, and we have a heck of a lot of fun with it!”

Fun seems to be the name of the game for residents of The Overlook! Jennie Frisella, who is also an avid gardener, started a couple of the not-so-common clubs and groups that you’ll find at The Overlook—a cribbage group and a Reiki circle.

“I had given an informational speech on Reiki to a few people, and then started the group with one of the nurses. There were a few people in the community who were Reiki practitioners already, and so we met up in the solarium,” Jennie said.

And if a new neighbor has a hobby or an interest for which we do not already have a club or a group, he or she is encouraged to connect with other community members and share the fun with others. At The Overlook, use our space to make your vision a reality.

True peace of mind when tomorrow is taken care of

Of course, this level of fun, fulfillment and independence can only come when you have true peace of mind about the future, something residents at The Overlook enjoy every single day.

“You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow,” Bob Fulmer says. “So, it’s really comforting to be in a place where there’s a health center, visiting nurses and facilities where if something happens, you know there’s a place nearby where you can be taken care of.”

Being at a Continuing Care Retirement Community (or CCRC) is yet another reason that so many people who live here do so contently; they know they don’t need to worry about the future.

“I’m delighted to know that [health services are] there,” Kathy Berg agreed. “It gives me such peace of mind. I really like the fact that, if anything comes to pass, I know in advance that I’m going to get wonderful care.”

And families benefit across the board. Sue Siopes put all of this in perspective by noting that the peace of mind granted by living at The Overlook is simply a “gift to my children.”

But for now, focus on living truly independently! The Overlook enables it, from a fresh and inspiring perspective, and it’s what all of these people are doing every day.

Now that you have read their stories and gotten insiders’ feedback on this welcoming community in Charlton, we invite you to learn more.

We would love to get to know you, whether it’s from the comfort of your couch or right here with us. We are offering virtual chats, tours and information sessions, as well as private on-campus personal tours with strict safety protocols that exceed all guidelines.

Simply click here or call 866-753-5429 to get in touch about an appointment. We also encourage you to check out some of the reviews below!

  • “Everything they do is top-notch.” – Robin F. (Facebook)
  • “My parents moved into The Overlook; it’s probably the best there is. The rooms are huge and cleaned at least two times a day. The dining room is restaurant-like, and they have everything from shows and people coming in to entertain. The care is excellent, and I couldn’t find a better place.” – Rene (
  • “The Overlook is a wonderful place and I highly recommend it for consideration. The apartments are very nice, comfortable and updated. The amenities, services and food options are wonderful. It has a full array of social activities, clubs and an excellent fitness center with a pool.” – TZ (
  • “The staff is extremely helpful at The Overlook. I would absolutely recommend this place to anybody. The dining room is like going to a restaurant.” – Anonymous (
  • “Thank you to all the staff for a job very well done. You have made this Mother’s Day [2020] so special to me even in this very challenging time.” – Cheryl K. (Facebook)
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