The Overlook is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Charlton, MA, that provides stellar amenities and services to its vibrant and active community. You’ll find a lot of reasons to love The Overlook including the gorgeous, 450-acre campus, the award-winning, chef-prepared dining and the wealth of programs and activities. But ultimately, what really makes The Overlook so special are the kind and interesting residents. One such resident, Kathy Berg, offered to share her experience to give the world a glimpse into The Overlook lifestyle.

“I‘ve never looked back,” Kathy shared. “From the day I moved in, I’ve been very happy!”

Kathy Berg at The Overlook

Finding a new home

Kathy’s original interest in The Overlook was actually for her parents, but it wasn’t long before she wanted to live here as well. Kathy shared, “When I started coming out and looking at this place, I thought, ‘That’s where I want to be when I get older.’ And I’m not old now, but I still want to be here!”

Her parents did not end up moving to The Overlook, but Kathy remained interested in The Overlook lifestyle. “I kept coming because they have wonderful programs. I liked the fact that they had a lot of educational programs and things to keep you busy. I knew I wanted to stay active. I wanted independent living because, to me, I was just moving to an apartment. And so, I made the decision that that’s where I want to be. I wanted to be the one who made the decision of where I was going.”

This proactive planning for the future included her financial decision-making. After speaking with her financial advisor, she realized that her mortgage was just as, if not more, expensive than moving to The Overlook. So, about seven years ago, Kathy joined The Overlook community.

A wealth of activities and excellent care

Kathy has been a very involved resident since moving in. “I was on the residents’ council for three years,” she explained, “and I got off because I think you need a turnover in something like that, but I really enjoyed it.”

With a smile, she added, “Now I’m on the finance committee because I’m nosy, and I like to know what’s going on. I served on multiple committees. I even wound up working on a revision of the handbook.”

“I participated in a variety show, even though I have no talent,” she laughed. “But that’s okay. We had a ball. If there’s a committee here, believe me, I’ve participated in. There’s an awful lot going on for every age group.”

Through Kathy’s various adventures, she also found herself unexpectedly injured, giving her a chance to get to know the care team on a more personal level. “I had the opportunity to break my leg on a trip to Europe a few years ago,” she shared wryly. “So that gave me a lead into how good the services are in the rehab program. And now I have my friends over there in the staff!”

This relationship has further solidified Kathy’s sense of safety in her future. “I’m delighted to know that they’re there,” she explained. “It gives me such peace of mind. I really like the fact that, if anything comes to pass, I know in advance that I’m going to get wonderful care.”

A warm and friendly community

While these other factors are very important, Kathy is most excited about the people with whom she lives. “I really, really like the people I met here,” Kathy shared. “Everybody’s so down to earth and friendly. You never pass anyone without them saying hello. And they’re very inclusive. You fight over the new people coming in to see who can have them at the table faster.”

This social and active environment is not just uplifting; it’s also good for your health! “I believe the environment really contributes to healthy aging. It keeps people active. Keeps their minds active. That’s what I want. There’s a reason to get up every day,” Kathy shared. If you’re interested in learning more about The Overlook lifestyle, call 866-753-5429 or click here to request a free brochure.

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