Ready to Move to a CCRC? The Overlook Is Here to Help

Moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) like The Overlook is the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life. And, while you are looking forward to your active and maintenance-free lifestyle, you’re likely faced with selling your current home before you move. However, The Overlook goes to great lengths to make this transition as simple and manageable for you as possible by providing perspective from Michelle Terry, owner of EXIT Real Estate Executives. We’ve worked closely with Michelle for years, and we are thankful she shared some insights and helpful tips about the moving process.

Sooner rather than later

While The Overlook is ready to work with you regardless of your timeline, Michelle suggests that now is an excellent time to be a home seller and buyer.

 “The market analysis we have for the future–we tap into several different resources­–tells us that we are expecting the Massachusetts market to grow 4% every year for the next four years. The market is extremely busy right now, and interest rates are extremely low, so people have more buying power,” Michelle explained.

Moreover, taking action earlier simply means less stress, less time doing household chores and more time to experience everything a CCRC offers. Michelle shared: “I just think that if people are considering the move, they should take advantage of the very low interest rates right now. I think they should start sooner rather than later and develop a plan. The Overlook will bend over backward to make it as easy as possible, so they have solutions for everything.”

Valuating your home

Michelle shared, “If The Overlook has a client who is ready to move into the community, I would go in and valuate the client’s home and prepare a marketing plan to help them get that property on the market.”

The marketing plan is designed to emphasize what is attractive about your current home, from its style to the square footage. This is also the time to do any necessary repairs, decrease clutter and perhaps repaint certain areas of the home to make it as appealing as possible to potential buyers.

Choosing your timeline

“The Overlook is so flexible in working with the needs of the residents, whatever those needs may be. We can do things super fast or we can come in and do things more slowly,” Michelle shared.

If you want to take your time, a professional like Michelle can contact you regularly to see where you are in the decision-making process and to share information about market trends. Although a couple years may feel like a long time, it will fly by faster than you think. However, if you call The Overlook today, The Overlook can help you initiate the process and give you peace of mind for the future.

“What I would do if someone was out that far?” Michelle said. She elaborated: “Every 6 months, I would rerun our market analysis to watch the market and see where our price range is going. Are we going up? Are we staying in the same range? Or are we going down? And if we’re starting to go down, I would urge them to go sooner rather than later.”

If you’re looking to move quickly, that’s also perfectly achievable at The Overlook. “If we have someone who wants to go super quick,” Michelle explained, “The Overlook can actually help them get a move manager to go to the property and do this fast. We could do a 30-day move if we have to.”

While both scenarios are very doable, everyone has a unique circumstance—and The Overlook is ready to help no matter your needs. This may be especially important during these uncertain times surrounding the COVID-19 situation. Just know that The Overlook is ready to be patient with you. And when the country begins to reopen, we will be at your service for in-person appointments and planning.

Rightsizing tips

Downsizing—or “rightsizing”—is all about simplifying your life by getting rid of unnecessary clutter. It can seem daunting at first, but the process doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, many people find it to be quite freeing!

“We talk about a plan of the clients working with one room at a time so they’re not overwhelmed,” Michelle said. She elaborated: “When I come in, a lot of times I’m going to give them pointers on which items they should start packing up. I also bring a home stager with me to these properties to help us to determine which things they don’t need in their new place. For instance, do they have too many sheet sets or too many comforter sets?”

Having a real estate professional take you through the rightsizing process can be a huge blessing, but this is also a great time to include your family. With your loved ones, you can decide what you want to keep in the family and what you will donate or discard. This way, you not only pass down important items, but you also turn the rightsizing process into a reminiscing and bonding opportunity, even if done virtually. When you take these easy steps, the process of moving out becomes much more manageable, and you are that much closer to enjoying life at The Overlook.

If you are interested in seeing what The Overlook has to offer you, call 866-753-5429 or click here for a free information kit.

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