Bob Fulmer at The Overlook

For Bob Fulmer, The Overlook offered a chance to be close to family. After working for General Electric for 38 years in Schenectady, New York, Bob retired to Michigan with his wife, Marilyn. While they thoroughly enjoyed their time in Michigan, they wanted to be closer to their son and grandchildren.

“We toured the area and saw this big building up on top of the hill and found out it was a senior residence,” Bob shared, “so we checked it out, and the next thing you know, we decided it was time.”

Bob and Marilyn’s decision blossomed into an exciting new chapter in their lives. Bob explained, “This place turned out to be a good choice. I enjoy everything here!”

As busy as you want to be

Bob was quick to share the various clubs and activities he participates in–and it is quite the list!

“We’ve gotten kind of busy doing a lot of things,” he shared cheerily. “I’m in a bunch of clubs. I’m in the garden club. We’re in the tennis club; so, we play tennis once a week. We’re in the brew club which has its own label, ‘Senior Moments’ beer, which has turned out to be a wonderful thing. We have something brewing all the time. I’m also in the chorus. We have a summer concert which we’re preparing for now and another one at Christmastime.”

Bob’s investment in The Overlook’s activities and events goes beyond recreation. He also gives back to the community. “I’m also on the finance committee,” he shared. “The finance committee takes the responsibility to make sure that there’s a business presentation to the residents once a quarter so that people know what’s going on and where we stand.” In addition to his time spent on the finance committee, he also works at The Overlook’s convenience store.

Bob also makes plenty of time for more personal activities, too. “Every day, I work out in the fitness center, and it’s one of the best fitness centers I have ever seen. Fantastic for a senior residence and competitive with any place you’d ever want to go. They really do a nice job,” Bob said.

And last, but certainly not least, Bob takes full advantage of The Overlook’s beautiful, 450-acre campus with his dog, Buffy. “Buffy the dog and I walk 4 times a day. There’s lots of room outside to take Buff wherever he wants to go.”

Wonderful folks

“If we were asked what we really like about The Overlook,” Bob explained, “I think that the people would probably come highest on the list. There are so many wonderful folks here. Everybody that’s here has a story and some type of interesting background. We’ve made all kinds of friends.”

Bob and Marilyn go out of their way to continue meeting new people, having dinner with new couples all the time to expand their social circle and befriending more neighbors. Their relationship with the kind people of The Overlook also extends to the staff.

Bob shared, “One of the things that we find with the staff here is that they tend to listen. If you have a problem, they’re available.” At The Overlook, the staff will quickly know you by name, regularly connect with you and listen to your feedback on the community.

This connection becomes all the more important when talking about healthcare. “You know, when you get to be this age,” Bob explained, “you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. So, it’s really comforting to be in a place where there’s a health center, visiting nurses and facilities where if something happens, you know there’s a place nearby where you can be taken care of.”

With so much to do, so many new relationships and such a secure peace-of-mind for the future, Bob and Marilyn are proud to call The Overlook their home. If you want to learn more about The Overlook lifestyle, call 866-753-5429 or click here for a free brochure.

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