Holiday celebration at The Overlook

Winter is a special time at The Overlook. You get to enjoy the magic of snowfall without the hassle of shoveling snow or winterizing your home. You can explore the picturesque community or stay cozy inside with some hot chocolate. And, most importantly, you can take time to celebrate the holidays at the end of the year with your friends, family and neighbors. Because The Overlook welcomes people from all backgrounds, those celebrations take many different forms!

Exciting and diverse holiday programming

At The Overlook, people celebrate the holidays in a number of different ways. One such way is with music. For instance, on December 3, community favorite Jack Craig returned as a guest pianist/singer to play some holiday classics. Only a few days later, on December 6, The Overlook chorus performed what the singers have been working on all fall at their winter concert! Of course, we can’t forget the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebration with Dan Gable and the Abletones on December 28.

And these events only scratch the surface of The Overlook’s music programming. Exciting and varied musical performances, from the Peter Bloom Jazz Trio to Keunyung Sun & Ceora Jeff performing a flute/piano duet, are planned throughout December. With such a diverse set of music and musicians, everyone can celebrate their holiday together and hear their favorite wintertime tunes played in a number of different styles.

Celebrating through giving

The Overlook’s philosophy of kindness and inclusivity manifests itself in the ways that residents give to others. This generosity takes multiple forms. For one, there was the holiday cheer party on December 13, where staff and residents celebrated the employee appreciation fund. And, more significantly, The Overlook recognizes Giving Tuesday, which occurred this year on December 3. For members of The Overlook community, Giving Tuesday is a perfect time for charity and togetherness.

A little something for everyone

At The Overlook, the holidays are a time to connect with each other and with loved ones, regardless of what you celebrate. Throughout the winter season, you’ll find a ton of opportunities to enjoy good music, good food and, most of all, good people. If you’re interested in celebrating with us, call 866-753-5429 or click here to sign up for one of our events so that you can experience the love for yourself.

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