Massachusetts winters at The Overlook

Winter is rapidly approaching in the Northeast, and with it comes exciting festivities as well as tedious inconveniences. The cold can be both bracing and bitter. Snow brings with it both a magical atmosphere and tiresome chores. In short, taking care of a house in the winter can make it easy to forget just how beautiful winters really are in Massachusetts.

This is one of the benefits of Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) like The Overlook. Along with stellar amenities and lifelong care, The Overlook provides a completely maintenance-free lifestyle. This means no more shoveling snow, no more hassling with ice and no more winterizing your home. To get more insight into the wintertime advantages of living at The Overlook, we spoke to resident Noni Linton.

Why The Overlook?

Noni describing why she loves Massachusetts winters at The Overlook

Noni and her husband, John, were living in Littleton, Massachusetts, when they decided to move. Noni explained, “We decided that we were going to have to downsize. And so we started looking at condos, and then we started looking at 55+ places, and then we realized if we go to something like that, we’re going to have to move again. We didn’t want to have to move again. So, we decided to look at CCRCs.”

After researching various communities, they decided to visit The Overlook where they fell in love instantly with the people. Noni said, “We just loved it right from the very beginning. We walked in and we really liked the people. Everyone we met that had anything to do with The Overlook, they were just really nice people.”

It wasn’t long before Noni and John made The Overlook their home.

The Overlook in the winter

Wintertime adds a new dimension of beauty to The Overlook’s picturesque campus. Noni shared just one example of this beauty: “Looking out over the cottages is just gorgeous. One time during an ice storm, we looked out and it was twinkly because the sun had come out. The whole area around the cottages was twinkling. It was just beautiful.”

Moreover, the dream-like precipitation in winter doesn’t result in housework here. Noni cheerily explained, “One of the things that’s really nice is you can look out the window and see that snow piling up. And you can enjoy it for what it looks like and know that it’s going to be shoveled out and you’re going to be taken care of. And even during the ice storm, everybody did everything they could to make this the most comfortable place that it could possibly be.”

In fact, Noni remembers the circumstances of the major ice storm with a smile on her face. “We actually have very fond memories of that,” Noni said, “because we were playing a game of trivia in the Pub right outside the dining room, and it was joined by many of the people around us in the Pub. We had a good time.”

Noni knows very well that the biggest reason The Overlook runs so smoothly during major storms that the Massachusetts winter brings is the staff: “At the end of it, I wrote an article for our monthly newspaper, The Observer, about ‘Thanks to the Wonderful Staff,’ because that’s what it really boiled down to. They were fabulous. They couldn’t do enough for us.”

With such a warm community to protect her from the cold of Massachusetts winters, Noni is truly grateful for her time at The Overlook. She said, “Does it feel like home? It does. And why does it feel like home? Because it’s everything you could want in a home. It’s comfortable, it’s attractive, it’s friendly, it’s warm, it’s safe.”

If you’re interested in joining Noni in enjoying the magic of winter without the hassle, call 866-753-5429 or click here to schedule a tour and come see the campus for yourself!