The Overlook, a Life Plan Community in Massachusetts, is a nonprofit organization managed by the Masonic Health System of Massachusetts (MHS). Because of The Overlook’s masonic roots, some people wonder if they have to be a mason to be allowed to live at the community.

The answer to this question is easy – no. Although many masons do live here, The Overlook welcomes all to the community. In fact, the masonic principles that guide The Overlook are a huge part of why the community is so welcoming and open to people of all backgrounds.

Despite not being a mason, these four enjoy cornhole at The Overlook together

Open arms

At The Overlook, you will be welcomed with open arms no matter your beliefs or background. What The Overlook values is building an active, engaged community that is unified and diverse. To accomplish this, The Overlook offers a wide variety of living options, programs and activities. The community in Charlton makes good use of its 450 acres!

For example, if you love nature, there are plenty of opportunities – from hiking to birdwatching to gardening – at and around The Overlook to enjoy the outdoors. Are you a fan of music and theater? The community hosts regular events to showcase the performing arts. Do you enjoy staying fit? You can play tennis, swim in the pool or visit the fitness center. Do you and your spouse have different health needs? The Overlook offers a full continuum of care, all on the same campus.

Another common misconception is that, for those who are a mason, residents are asked to turn over their property to the community. This is a myth. No matter their background or beliefs, The Overlook residents have complete agency and control over themselves and their property.

The point is that The Overlook was made with inclusion and individuality in mind. The community allows you to bring what makes you unique into the fold. At The Overlook, your experiences, passions and preferences help to mold the environment. With so many vibrant and distinct people living here, the community is certainly a colorful and unique place to live.

Masonic principles

Although you don’t have to be a mason to join The Overlook, the principles of masonry do inform the culture of the community. For instance, two major tenets of masonry are social responsibility and charity. Thusly, residents and staff at The Overlook frequently engage with volunteerism and have given back substantially to the Charlton area.

For instance, The Overlook offers low-cost meals to local seniors on Fridays, when some municipal senior centers are closed. Members of the community have also helped run food drives to support Chip In, the Charlton food pantry. Beyond providing food, The Overlook residents have also produced thousands of quilts and clothes for hospitalized children across the country.

The masonic principles of morality and social responsibility are not only present in the volunteerism of The Overlook’s residents, but also guide the way the community’s trusted team cares for those who may need a higher level of care. The Overlook is passionate about meeting each individual’s specific needs, no matter who and no matter what. As a Life Plan Community, The Overlook offers peace of mind for all.

The Overlook’s masonic roots mean that regardless of your background, beliefs or needs, you will have a home here. If you’re interested in joining this vibrant and unified community, call 866-753-5429 or click here to schedule a tour.