You could travel to Boston or NYC to see a headlining band perform, or experience an up-and-coming artist at the Craft Beer & Roots Music Festival in Sturbridge, but why travel far when you have a summer concert series in your own backyard? Summer at The Overlook means it is time for an annual favorite – Concerts on the Common.

The Overlook’s Concerts on the Common is a six-week summer concert series held from June 25 through July 30. The concerts take place on the large outdoor pavilion ideally located on the Common, which is right in the middle of campus and next to The Overlook’s iconic stone water tower. Like most residents at The Overlook, Bob and Tina Burnham live within steps of the Common. “It’s right out our front door,” Bob said.

This summer concert series is just one of the ways that life at The Overlook keeps you engaged with exciting events including art, science and everything in between. The Concerts on the Common, in particular, involves the entire community and brings all sorts (and ages) of people together from within and beyond The Overlook. We think of it as an “experiential amenity” that makes this community even more special.

Tunes, food and crafts: An ideal combination

Surrounded by breathtaking views, the summer concert series is free to the public and offers a family-friendly atmosphere. Seating is available, or you can spread out on blankets and let the kids run and roll around. Bring a picnic dinner or treat yourself to the tasty offerings from various food vendors. Stretch your legs while the music plays, and check out the farmer’s market and local vendors offering baked goods and wool yarn for knitting.

As fans of the atmosphere and the acts that the concert series brings to The Overlook, Bob and Tina attended two shows last year and look forward to attending more this year.  

Fondness for the fiddler

Bob and Tina enjoy big band music, old country and western, Dixieland and some jazz. Last summer, they found a new favorite in Sarah the Fiddler. “Sarah is very talented. Her fingers just fly on the violin,” Tina said. Sarah, a Massachusetts native, combines classical, bluegrass, Celtic and Appalachian music to create a unique style and sound.

Bob also has a role in Sarah’s show. “Sarah allows me to play my harmonica during the show’s breaks,” Bob shared. A harmonicist since he was 15, Bob spent hours in his parents’ garage perfecting his craft without a lesson. In 2018, he approached Sarah about performing. “I boldly went up and offered to play,” Bob explained.

“People applaud me when I’m done,” Bob said. “Either they like my music or they’re glad I’m finished.”

Back in time for another show

Like many Overlook residents, Bob and Tina love to travel. With a travel trailer attached to their Ford F-150, the couple left for Canada in late June and will miss the first four shows of the concert series; however, they’ll be back to see Sarah perform on July 23 and catch the series’ final performance, Ethel Lee, a jazz and blues singer, on July 30.

According to Bob, if you haven’t been to the summer concert series, you’re missing out. “You have to have adventures in your life, and this should be one of them,” Bob said. Tina agrees, “Go and try it. It’s really a good group of people.”

As you explore The Overlook’s amenities and lifestyle, you’ll soon realize this community is more than music to your ears. Call us today at 866-753-5429, or request our guide to senior living.