Sue Siopes has been living at The Overlook in Charlton, MA for three years, and, in her own words, she’s “loved every minute of it.” Sue, a mother and grandmother, was a police officer in Lowell, MA, before retiring in 2003. In fact, she was the first female police officer in the department.

The Overlook maintenance-free lifestyle lets Sue focus on art
Sue Siopes presents the art group’s completed mural at The Overlook

“I eventually became a Captain before I retired, and I was very, very involved in the community policing initiative that they had in the city. It was very successful. I’m proud of what I did there as a police officer,” Sue said. She accomplished a lot in her time as an officer, and now, she is accomplishing a lot at The Overlook.

Free time for adventuring

After retiring, Sue spent most of her time taking care of her home by herself. “It was a lovely, big property with lots of things to take care of,” Sue shared. “And that’s what I did all the time; I just took care of it.” The hassles of house maintenance left Sue no time or energy to pursue things that interested her, such as art. Moreover, Sue wanted to plan for her future.

“I wanted to plan how the rest of my life would unfold. I wanted to have more time for myself. I wanted to be able to do the things that I hadn’t been able to do for a long time because of all the time I spent taking care of my house,” Sue said. The desire for a freer lifestyle led her to The Overlook, where she enjoys a maintenance-free lifestyle. Instead of spending all day taking care of her home, Sue now has the time to relax and pursue her interests.

However, Sue was not just looking for stability. She was looking for the next chapter. “I thought of it as having a new adventure. I mean, I’ve always liked adventure,” she said. And a new community with new opportunities seemed to be the perfect fit.

Now, if you happen to encounter Sue at The Overlook, you will more than likely find her in the art studio. “I can now do my art. I do art every day now. I wasn’t able to for a long time, and it’s been a wonderful experience getting back into it,” Sue said. She frequently spends time with her children and grandchildren as well, whether they are visiting her or vice versa. She also loves the wide array of activities and trips The Overlook offers.

Most importantly, you won’t find her doing any yardwork.

Sue's lifestyle includes spending time with grandkids
Sue and friends enjoying lunch in the rose garden

Peace of mind

The excitement and new opportunities at The Overlook are just part of the reason Sue loves the community so much. She also appreciates having comprehensive healthcare options available on The Overlook’s campus, should the need ever arise.

“If I had gone to any of these other places, I would still have had to think about going out for care,” Sue explained.

Instead, now she lives with the peace of mind that comes with having healthcare so close and accessible, if her needs change in the future. And so, with access to wonderful amenities and such a diverse array of activities, Sue has been able to continue her active lifestyle, free from the hassle of home ownership. She sees The Overlook community as a blessing.

“Not only is it a gift to my children,” Sue said, “but it’s a gift to myself.”

If you are interested in exploring and learning more about The Overlook, visit us online to schedule a tour or click here to request a free information kit.

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