Among people who have sewn for years, it is well-known that sewing can do more than help you repair or create newgarments or household items. Sewing is known to engage the creative side of your brain, but it can also be a powerful way to relieve stress.

What Research Tells Us

According to a blog post shared on wellness site Sparkpeople, “Clinical studies have revealed the stress-reducing benefits of sewing, proving a stitch a day could help keep the doctor away.” That post detailed a study that compared sewing with four other similar home-based activities. Participants engaged in sewing experienced both mental relaxation and physical benefits, including improved blood pressure, better sleep, lower

heart rate and even a decrease in perspiration.

A CNN article reported similar benefits from sewing and other forms of crafting. For anyone struggling with depression, anxiety or even chronic pain, sewing may provide a boost of confidence and actually increase happiness. As if all of those benefits weren’t enough, the research also indicates that sewing and other crafts may help protect the brain from natural damage that occurs as a result of the aging process.

Don’t Let Sewing Add to Your Stress Levels

Above all, sewing should be fun and enjoyable, helping you relieve the stress of your daily life. Sewing blogger SewMamaSew offers these tips to make sewing a relaxing part of your daily, weekly or monthly routine:

1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.Trying to tackle more than one sewing project at once may be overwhelming. Start with one project and see it through before starting something new.

2. Focus on your sewing.When you commit time to sewing, enjoy what you’re doing as much as you can, without worrying about what’s happening after sewing time.

3. There’s not a wrong way to do it.Explore different sewing techniques as you learn about sewing, but at the end of the day, it’s OK to do it your own way.

4. Know that you will make mistakes, and be OK with that.Don’t beat yourself up about making mistakes when you’re sewing – especially if you are just getting started with the hobby. Learn from your errors and move on.

5. Don’t worry about labels.Don’t let yourself get flummoxed wondering whether you’re a “seamstress”, a “quilter”, a “traditionalist” or a “modernist.”

6. Don’t be afraid of what you haven’t mastered.It’s natural to be apprehensive about trying to learn something new; try to let yourself relax though, and remember that every accomplished person who sews was once exactly where you are.

7. Sew for yourself, as well as others.Many people who take up sewing do so with the idea that they’re going to make gifts for their loved ones. While that’s nice, make the time to sew something for yourself too. There’s something powerful about seeing the fruits of your own labor every day.

Getting Started

Starting any kind of new leisure activity may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. The good news is that sewing is an easy and relatively inexpensive activity to pick up, any time.

Talk to your friends and neighbors about sewing – you may be surprised to learn how many people sew on a regular basis and love doing so.

In the Charlton area, residents and visitors alike enjoy The Charlton Sewing Center, “New England’s Sewing Sanctuary.” Located in a literal sanctuary of a 110-year old Worcester County church, The Charlton Sewing Center offers something for everyone. On-site you’ll find a gift shop, extensive thread inventory, antique sewing machines and sewing exhibits that change every month. Take advantage of a series of classes for sewing enthusiasts at every level, sewing clubs and special events for everyone.

Low-Stress Living at The Overlook

At The Overlook, we care about our residents’ health and wellness. Whether you find stress relief through sewing, some other form of crafting, or through any of the many clubs and social opportunities members of our community have access to, what matters is that you find activities you enjoy. We believe there is something for everyone at The Overlook. To learn more about our living options, community and the lifestyle our residents enjoy, contact us today.

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