When you live at The Overlook, there aren’t too many chances to be bored! With a long list of community-sponsored events and creative on-site opportunities, you have plenty of things to do. Whether it’s learning something new or enjoying a favorite hobby – it’s up to you!

Below, find 10 of our favorite activities to do at The Overlook:

1. Indoor Pool

Within our large, fully equipped gym is a heated pool that makes maintaining good health and regular exercise an enjoyable pursuit. In addition to providing relaxation and comfort, the warm water soothes tired muscles and loosens stiff joints. And if you want guidance for personal health or fitness goals, we offer personally tailored training plans to our residents.

2. Walking Trails

We are situated on 450 acres of gorgeous, New England countryside – with walking and cross-country ski trails that crisscross the property. We maintain lovely gardens that you are welcome to explore, and we’ve designated places for bird watching and pet walking. From hiking to gardening (and everything in between) we offer outdoor activities to place you closer to nature.

3. Tennis Court

Up for some friendly competition and a little exercise? Our tennis court may be calling your name. Playing a game or two of tennis is an excellent way to pass the time, and it’s good for your health. Tennis helps boost your brain power, since it requires tactical thinking and coordination.

4. Horseshoe Pit

On cool summer evenings after a day spent in town or relaxing at home, enjoy the casual atmosphere of friends around a horseshoe pit. The sounds of gentle laughter and evening horseshoe pitching are part of the summer soundtrack here at The Overlook.

5. Performing Arts

With our own 280-seat auditorium located in our Overlook community, you never need to travel far to enjoy a musical performance, stimulating lecture, or special event. Our Performing Arts calendar is always full of unique and enjoyable opportunities. Learn the art of drumming or a few swing dance moves. Close your eyes and soak in the sounds of a relaxing orchestral performance at the end of the week. Enjoy a holiday dinner theater.

6. Art Clubs

Music and art opportunities abound, and we even have a Creative Arts Studio. Join a chorus or learn a new hobby. Quilt, knit, or scrapbook with new or long-time friends. Get busy doing what you love with people you enjoy! If you appreciate good hospitality, join the club devoted to creating table decorations for the dining room. Merge your love of crafts with your appreciation for mealtime aesthetics. Love to write? Become a newsletter contributor.

7. Educational Courses

Stimulate your mind with a riveting onsite lecture or take an educational course. Engage in a lively book club discussion or enjoy an afternoon of card games, cribbage, or billiards. (Or do all the above in a single afternoon. Totally up to you!)

8. Game Room

Quite simply, our game room is known for being lively. With regular pool tournaments, board games, and poker nights, there is always something fun happening in the game space. Leave your cares at the door and join a circle of friends for a night of fun and laughter.

9. Woodworking Projects

Our on-site woodworking shop is stocked with tools and materials ready for the novice or enthusiastic woodworker to complete a creative project. And thanks to a community of seasoned craftsmen, someone is always nearby who is willing to offer a hand or teach a new skill.

10. Volunteer Activities

Because our residents take volunteerism very seriously, they have established communities to support area services such as the library, gardening, woodworking, and more. Interested in volunteering? Join groups such as the Silver Knitters, Chip In, or Project Linus.

Whether you are looking for relaxation or inspiration, you’ll find it here at The Overlook. Within our vibrant community are a dozen opportunities every day to interact with friends, enjoy a favorite pastime, make a difference in the lives of others, or learn a new skill. We’d love to show you around and let you see for yourself the fun activities that await you at the Overlook. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to see floor plans. The only thing this community is missing? You!

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