Are you considering supportive living options to help you or a family member maintain independence?

Assisted living communities promote a high quality of life for individuals who need assistance with certain daily tasks. In addition, residents of assisted living enjoy access to a variety of services and amenities along with programs that encourage socialization and wellness.

What important information do you need to know as you consider assisted living communities? We’ve compiled these common questions and answers to aid you in your research.

What Services Does Assisted Living Offer?

Assisted living provides a variety of services to help you or your family member complete daily activities. Supportive services include:

  • Personal care, including assistance with bathing, dressing, eating and other tasks related to personal hygiene and wellness.
  • Medication management and administration.
  • Daily meals and snacks.
  • Housekeeping and laundry.
  • Activities, including cultural and educational options.
  • Exercise programs and other wellness-related options.
  • Opportunities for socializing with peers, friends and family members.
  • Around-the-clock security services and emergency call systems.
  • Transportation to doctor’s appointments, outside activities, shopping and other destinations.

Assisted living, generally, is suitable for individuals who need minimal daily care and supportive services to maintain their independence. Residents have their own apartments, which they can furnish with their personal belongings, mementos and decorations.

What Amenities and Activities Are Available?

In addition to services that assist residents in their pursuit of living well, assisted living also offers amenities and enrichment programs that help make life rewarding and fun.

While residents’ privacy is respected at all times, they can join activities as much or as little as they want. Common areas are designed with comfortable congregating in mind, and residents may socialize by playing games or simply chatting. Activities and entertainment — including performances from outside musicians, actors and other entertainers along with mealtimes offer a myriad of options for socializing and making friends.

Communities offer spaces tailored to a variety of activities, including art studios, auditoriums, libraries, fitness centers and parlors.

How Do Assisted Living Communities Support Independence?

Assisted living communities are designed and staffed in ways that encourage residents to continue living as independently as possible.

Staff members provide assistance as needed while allowing residents to be as independent as they can. Communities encourage residents’ family and outside community members to participate in programs, meals and frequent visits to help keep residents connected. Respecting dignity, privacy, safety and the right to choose are among the top values promoted.

The many services offered — including housekeeping, meals, personal care services and transportation — allow residents to spend their time pursuing hobbies that interest them and getting to know others.

What Dining Options Are Available?

Assisted living provides nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day, and choices can vary from gourmet dishes to traditional meals. With the many available options, everyone can find something to please their palate.

With a chef and dietician contributing to meal planning in assisted living communities, meals are always delicious and healthy. Residents typically can choose to eat in a formal dining room or less formal settings such as cafes, and they also can prepare light meals and snacks in their own apartments as desired.

How Do Communities Support Well-being and Safety?

Focusing on wellness in assisted living includes nutritious meals, fitness activities, and opportunities for socialization and ongoing education.
Fitness programs are designed to promote strength and balance, which can reduce the risk of falls. Developing better physical stamina can help residents feel more independent and empowered.

Communities also seek to minimize hazards and are equipped with a variety of safety features to help ensure that residents remain secure and healthy. Grab bars in restrooms, accessible showers, non-slip flooring, adequate lighting and emergency call systems are among the amenities that help keep residents safe.

How Can You Choose the Right Assisted Living Community?

As you review assisted living communities in your area, be sure to visit and ask the right questions before you make a decision. Key information to understand includes:

  • All services offered, including those that are part of the base fee and those that require additional payment.
  • Dining options that are available, including the range of foods offered and the available venues.
  • Payment options and how fees may change if the required services for you or your family member change.
  • The types and frequency of transportation offered.

When you visit communities, take time to have a meal and speak to some residents about their feelings about the community. You’ll want to select a community where you or your family member will be comfortable for years to come.

Massachusetts Assisted Living

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