fireplaceFall is in the air, and our thoughts have turned to getting cozy with a mug of hot cocoa and a great book. Reading in general is a fantastic hobby, but did you know that when you choose fiction, you help give your brain a boost?

Losing yourself in a novel can promote improvements in cognitive function as you put yourself in the characters’ shoes, experts say. So why not dive into one of these seven classic novels — or the modern “classic” we’ve included just for fun?

Little Women

This inspiring tale follows the March sisters — Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy — as they use their wits and their family ties to make it through poverty while their father is away during the Civil War.


We’re well past the year in which George Orwell’s signature novel is set, but his haunting utopia still creates a bleak — and all too imaginable — picture that feels ultra modern.

A Christmas Carol

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s a grand time of year for a dose of Dickens in the form of A Christmas Carol. The dramatic tale of the greedy Scrooge learning the true meaning of the holidays never fails to entertain.

Little House in the Big Woods

In this first of the beloved “Little House” series on which the TV show was based, Laura Ingalls Wilder describes life in Wisconsin’s Big Woods with her sister, Ma and Pa. The closeness of this loving family and the appreciation of the simple things will truly warm your heart.

The Great Gatsby

If it’s been awhile since you read this classic, consider adding it to your soon-to-read list. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic Jazz Age novel tells the story of wealthy Jay Gatsby’s love for Daisy as it paints an exciting picture of life in the 1920s.

The Fellowship of the Ring

In this first novel of the Lord of the Rings series, J.R.R. Tolkien takes us along with gentle hobbits Frodo and Sam to deliver the Ring to the only place it can be destroyed — the center of the terrifying kingdom of Sauron.

The Rosie Project

Graeme Simsion’s hilarious novel isn’t a “classic” in the strictest sense of the word, but we think it’s headed in that direction. You’re sure to adore the narrator, obsessive genetics professor Don Tillman. This is one of Bill Gates’ favorite books, and we think you’ll love it as well.

Moby Dick

No list of classic novels would be complete without this king of the classics, Moby Dick. Many experts agree that it’s the greatest novel of all time, and we can’t argue. If you’ve never read the tale of Captain Ahab, this 1851 tome should top your fall reading list.

Reading is a fantastic hobby that lets us experience history, travel the world and see life through the eyes of fascinating characters. At The Overlook, you can enjoy a variety of interests and hobbies, all in a beautifully appointed setting. To schedule a tour, please contact us today!

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