Some retirees thrive on urban life, loving the activity, the hordes of people and, yes, even the traffic in a big city. But for others, the city is the place you go for work. For these folks, retirement is an opportunity to get out of the city to somewhere more peaceful, green and serene.

If you’re looking at Boston retirement communities, chances are you love at least some things about city life. But the truth is, a senior living community outside the city may suit you better, for a number of reasons.

The city has so much to love…

Boston is Massachusetts’ capital and largest city.

If you live in — or have ever visited — Boston, you know that there’s a lot to love. From great restaurants to museums to the arts to professional sports, the city is unquestionably where the action is.

As Massachusetts’ capital and its largest city, Boston is a seat of government and ranks among the world’s top cities in economic terms. Home to industries including biotech, financial services, life sciences, publishing and more, Boston is a hub for global commerce. It also is a center of academia, attracting hundreds of thousands of the world’s college students. And, it’s home to some of the world’s most-beloved sports teams, including the Red Sox and the Celtics.

Of course, Boston is well-known the world over for its important historical aspects, including as the site of American Revolution events including the Boston Tea Party and the battles of Concord and Lexington. Indeed, as many Boston residents will tell you, there is much to cherish about this city.

…and some things you could live without

As is the case with most cities, Boston can have its inconveniences. Traffic and parking, taxes, home prices and rents rank among some of the top complaints of city-dwellers. The stars don’t shine quite as brightly when seen above city lights, and the air doesn’t always feel as clean and crisp as it does when you venture a few miles outside the city.

Noise, too, can be less than ideal in the city. Even when you’re in your own home, with so many people around, quiet may be difficult to come by. Large cities like Boston are home to millions of people and, consequently, are densely packed with dwellings, traffic and pedestrians.

Take a look outside Boston

If you love what the city has to offer, you may be considering Boston retirement communities. But if you could live without some of the city’s downsides like the crowds and traffic, consider looking at retirement communities outside the city.

To evaluate whether a senior living community near Boston — rather than within the city limits — might be the best choice for you, consider your activities over the past year. How many visits did you pay to Boston attractions like museums, galleries and sporting events? If you participated in these activities infrequently, you might be better served by living just outside the city and traveling in on occasion.

Just outside Boston, retirement communities like The Overlook provide a number of advantages:

  • A beautifully landscaped campus of 450 acres, with views of rolling hills with plenty of trees.
  • Ample fine dining choices.
  • Activities of every stripe right within the community.
  • Elegant, spacious and quiet residences.
  • Numerous fitness opportunities, including an indoor heated pool.
  • A short drive from three large cities, including Boston.
  • Comprehensive care for every level of living.

Have it all, just outside the city

As you consider Boston retirement communities, think about expanding your horizons by looking at communities just outside the city. By choosing a community that’s just a short distance away, you can still have access to the city and all its attractions any time you take a notion. At the same time, you can continue to enjoy a premium lifestyle — with great dining, engaging activities and elegant surroundings — in a breathtaking natural setting.

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